● International Scholarship from the University (~ $500 USD up to $ 1000 USD per month)
● Fellowship from the Department (~ $ 100 USD per month depends on Institute)
● The amount of fellowship or assistantship provided by Thesis Advisors may vary (~ $800 USD per month)
● Free tuition fee


※ The MOFA Taiwan Scholarship: 

International students may apply for the Taiwan Scholarship offered by the government. Please check http://english.moe.gov.tw/ →Study in Taiwan →Scholarship. Applicants can apply from February 1st till March 31st every year at R.O.C. (Taiwan) Overseas Missions in their countries or the nearest country if there is no Taiwan’s overseas representative office in the region or country, please go to a nearby Taiwan’s overseas representative office. For further information, please check http://www.mofa.gov.tw/→English→ List of Embassies & Missions Abroad. The exact application date is based on the announcement of each Taiwan’s overseas representative office.

※ NCU - Scholarship Information: http://admissions.oia.ncu.edu.tw/menu.content/view/sn/37​

※ NCTU - Scholarship Information: http://oia-scholarship.nctu.edu.tw/

※ NTHU International Student Scholarship:  http://exten.web.nthu.edu.tw/bin/home.php?Lang=en

※ NYMU - Scholarship Information: http://oia.ym.edu.tw/incoming/incoming.student/login

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